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Inspired by Earth

from Washington County on the South end, to Downtown Pittsburgh on the North,

Rt. 837 runs along the Monongahela River.

Our company is inspired by the idea of home. And for us, home is in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Nature is at the heart of every product that we make.

Our scents are an ode to the iconic flowers, herbs, and spices that have shaped cuisines, traditions, and cultures. By studying an area’s flora, we’re able to create unique blends inspired by different locations all around the world. 

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We're available at stores and markets across the region.

Rare to commonplace, clashing to harmonious, acidic to sweet, we exist in a world of scents.

They speak to us.

They tell us where they're from and take us on their journey.  Our minds use them to anchor meaningful moments in our memories, a relationship as sophisticated as it is primal.

They act as a time machine, tracing us back to the places and people that made us.