Savannah is all balmy air and antebellum architecture; Deep South charm draped in Spanish moss, sprawling live oaks punctuated by pink azaleas. It's a place I often run to feel inspired. Something about the air just makes me feel creative. It's somewhere I can focus, turn inward, and reconnect with myself. 

And, it's where I happened to be the moment I fell so in love with a scent that it inspired me to learn the art of blending them myself.

Smoked black pepper, eucalyptus, and orange- It was like a revelation to me. I'd never smelled anything quite like it. Bright and spicy, what an unexpected combination. I didn't know it at the time, but unusual pairings would later become a common theme to my work. -I couldn't afford to bring it home with me, but I revisited the shop I found it in twice before heading back. 

A year later, I still couldn't get it out of my mind. Every time I caught the scent of black pepper, it made me long for Savannah. When I learned that the store no longer made it, I set out to make something I liked more.

I aim to honor the idea of fragrance being able to capture the essence of a location, just as black pepper had begun smelling like happiness to me. Our collections are inspired by places. To do that, we use plants specific to an area to capture a little piece of the region in each product we make. Explore our scents and discover the familiar in a totally new way.